Earlsdon Methodist Church


What is Wellspring?

Following the major changes to the church building, the extended entrance into the Church is known as the Wellspring Lounge. To see the story behind the idea of Wellspring click here.

Opening Times

Wellspring is normally open to the public for refreshments on Thursday and Friday from 9.00a.m. to 2.00 p.m., and Saturday from 9.00a.m. until noon, when you can come and enjoy a tranquil cup of coffee and cake away from the high street bustle ! (Confirmation of opening will be found on the "Calendar - This Week" link at the top of the page.)

We are now using some of our profits from this enterprise to sponsor a child through World Vision - click here for more information.


Wellspring supports the use of Fairtrade products, and has a selection of items for sale. For more information on Fairtrade click on the logo.The church has Fairtrade status from the Fairtrade Foundation and as part of the Coventry Fairtrade City initiative.