Earlsdon Methodist Church

World Vision support

It was proposed by one of the Wellspring volunteers that some of the profits from our Wellspring project should be used to sponsor a child through the World Vision charity.

This has now been put into effect, with the result that we are now the sponsors of an eight year old girl in the village of Kayezi, Malawi.

Details of our specific sponsorship are held, and may be read, in Wellspring.

To find out more about World Vision, including how to sponsor a child, why not visit their website at www.worldvision.org.uk.

Alternatively, if you are intersted in, say, a one-off gift - then visit their Alternative Gift website at www.greatgifts.org. Gifts to the needy start at £5 for a mosquito net, or £13 for a nanny goat, and range up to £4000 to plant a forest!