Earlsdon Methodist Church

Our Mission - a vision for our church

Elsewhere you can read the brief report on our 2002 conference, on the subject of "Dynamic Prayer in the Local Church".

As a result of this conference we received the following communication from one of the attendees:

From the Morning Worship

"This is a cornerstone weekend for this church. This church is being called deeper into the ministry of prayer to be a House of Prayer. There is an annointing and calling on the life of this church for fervent and extensive prayer. I see this church rising up to support and lead other churches in and through this ministry of prayer. You will point the way ahead for others as you journey deeper into the heart of God in prayer. This church is based strategically at crossroads and this positioning will enable the ministry of prayer and leadership in prayer to reach many people and churches."

"I see that something may have to be set aside or something may have to die in order to nurture prayer in this church. For like the outer shell of a seed that has to fall away to expose the seed which is then planted and grows, I see something may have to be set aside among you. This may be sacrificial, but I see this as an exchange of one thing for something better, and the result of this exchange will be better and more fruitful for you. (Isaiah 61 vs 3, 6 & 7)"

"But you must nurture this call to prayer and grasp the vision of God's heart for you. Don't let it go, don't miss this moment of calling. Instead nurture and develop the vision of prayer as you seek the Lord, and pursue it, just as you would care and tend a deleicate seed which sprouts life and starts to grow. For one sows, another waters, but God gives the growth. (1 Corinthians 3 v 6)"

"This is a strategic time and location - I see that from this place will flow rivers of living water - God's spirit - flowing out from this church - opening up the life of God for many in the community. Be encouraged brethren, this is a calling from the Lord, the favour of the Lord upon you. You will abide in the place of manifold blessings as you respond to this ministry calling - He will pour out his life upon you. Be encouraged!"

From the Afternoon Worship

"I had a picture of giant praying hands in the space above our heads, within the sanctuary, and a golden glow of God's presence falling like rain down upon the people of this church. Prayer was releasing the blessing of God, like golden showers, even miracles in your midst."

Since that time many members of the church have become more active in the prayer-life of the church, and several prayer groups regularly meet.

We had already recognised the strategic placing of the church at the cross-roads in Earlsdon as providing opportunity for outreach there, and with the advent of modern communications and travel we recognise the concept of the "global", rather than the mere parochial village.

Thus we want to share with anyone, wherever in the world, who wishes to bring a problem before God, so if you have such a need - just click here. Your request will be submitted to the next following prayer meeting.