Earlsdon Methodist Church

Our History

As a church we like to be forward looking, taking the gospel of Christ to more and more people. However, we are only able to do this because of those who had the vision, starting from small beginnings, to bring us to where we are now.

These pages are therefore dedicated to the memory of those people, and are intended to provide, via a technology they could never have foreseen, a memorial to their work.

Reflecting this history, two principal pages are our List of Ministers and our Milestones Overview.

In 1930 one of the founder members, Arthur Pearson, gave a talk to the Wesley Guild on the early days, and was persuaded to produce a small booklet. The result may be found here.

Our member Rod King has made available photographs from the 1950s, to see if he can jog a few memories.

Recommended reading is a book by the late Mary Montes, who was the Earlsdon Historian. "The Church on the Corner" was published in 1998, and thus covers the first 125 years of the church's lfe.