Earlsdon Methodist Church

A new use for old hymn books

Following our change to the new "Hymns & Psalms" and "Songs of Fellowship" hymn books, in late 2000 we decided to use our website to advertise our old hymn books free to any group in need of them.

We were surprised but very happy when we were contacted from across the world, in Fiji.

As a result we were able send them to Anand Methodist Church in Tavua, Fiji, and they arrived in early December 2001, in time for their Christmas celebrations. Until then they were making do with almost nothing, and often having to write out their hymns by hand for their services.

We were very pleased to receive a gift in return - a clock designed in the style of a Fijian "Bure" (traditional house), with the hours marked by various symbols typical of Fiji, such as a "Wau" (old war club), Pineapple, Breadfruit Leaf, "Iri" (traditional fan), "Seru" (comb), "Takia" (traditional canoe), "Tabua" (whale's tooth) and "Bure". This is now displayed in our Wellspring area at the entrance to the church.

When we first discussed setting up our website, we were not sure who our visitors might be, but right from the start we realised that we were getting visitors from all over the world. Truly the internet is capable of bringing us together!

We send best wishes to our friends in Fiji, and hope that the books will serve them well for many years.