Earlsdon Methodist Church

Developments 1995 - 2002

For many years we were aware that the church building, while dominating the centre of Earlsdon, had been very under-utilised. Its only use for many years was for Sunday services. At the same time the role of the Church in modern times was recognised as needing to be that of "outreach" - a body which only looks inward on itself can not (and does not deserve to) survive.

The problem was how to make such a building more functional - and how to find the resources to turn a vision into reality.

In 1995 an overall plan was drawn up, consisting of three principal phases. Phase 1, achieved in 1996, was as follows:

As a result of this we were able to use variable seating arrangements for services, including seating "in the round", and also to provide coffee & biscuits both after the services and at other functions such as our regular concerts.

Phase 2, completed in September 2000, consisted of the following:

Phase 3, completed in summer 2002, comprised the following:

Architect's drawing of developed church building

The picture shows the architect's original sketch whereby the original entrance has been replaced by glazed panels and a new corner entrance constructed. Following the completion of phase 2, this is the way we now look.