Earlsdon Methodist Church

2002 Conference on Prayer

A very successful conference was held on 16th March 2002. The subject was "Dynamic Prayer in the Local Church", with the main speaker being Jeremy Jennings from Holy Trinity Church, Brompton.

Interest in this conference was such that we were fully booked, with about 230 attendees filling the church and extending back into the Wellspring area for the main presentations.

In the morning Jeremy gave presentations on "A Vision for Effective Prayer" and "Practicalities of Dynamic Prayer Meetings".

In the afternoon the conference divided into seminar groups to discuss:

This was followed in plenary by a "Questions and Answers", finishing with a session on "Model Prayer Meeting".

Feedback was very positive and, as well as the spiritual benefits to the attendees, we are pleased that our first major use of the redeveloped church for a conference was deemed a success.

Thanks are due to our Minister, Rev Barbara Marshall and to Clive Marshall, for their vision and efforts in achieving such a memorable result.