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The Lent Eco-Challenge 2007

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The people of Earlsdon Methodist Church recognise that as followers of Jesus we have a responsibility to care about our World and environment. We realise that there are many ways that we could improve our own lifestyles so that we live more gently in the world our Father has created. As a small step towards this, we have decided to set aside time this Lent to reflect on what Jesus may be calling on us to change in the way we live.

For each week of Lent, from Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday there are selected readings, specific eco-challenges and a prayer. During the first week, you are encouraged to look ahead at the weekly challenges and start making necessary preparations, including seeking information at the Eco Fair in Earlsdon Methodist Church Hall on Saturday 24th February. Although a number of challenges are suggested each week, remember we are all starting from different points so try to select challenges that are realistic for you and your family/household.

These challenges are set for Lent in the hope that we will become more conscious of the effect we are having on God’s world and how we could be better citizens of his Kingdom. In the final week, you will be invited to consider which of the challenges/lifestyle changes you intend to carry forward into the coming weeks, months and years.


Many of the ideas behind this Lent Challenge were inspired by the teaching and notes of Noel Moules, provided as part of the Workshop Course in Applied Christian Living www.workshop.org.uk

Thank you also for the helpful resources provided on the following websites:

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2007 Lent Preparation


Read the challenges for each week of Lent and discuss them with your family/other members of your household. Decide which one(s) you are going to take up and tick the boxes beside them.

Think about what sort of preparations you may need to make in advance to carry out your challenge: What information do you need, e.g. public transport timetables, vegetarian recipes, outlets of locally grown produce, local recycling points? If you are aiming to reduce your gas/electricity/petrol or diesel consumption by a particular percentage over Lent (see week 2 and week 5 challenges) you may want to start to check your current usage to provide a benchmark.


Our Father, who art in heaven ... You are also at home in the air, soil, forests and oceans,
Hallowed be Your name ... by the care we take of your creation,
Your Kingdom come ... all that you see is good,
Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven ... Your will to till and care.
Give us this day our daily bread ... that all may have sufficient to live life in fullness
Forgive us our trespasses ... our greed, our exploitation, our lack of concern for other species and for future generations,
As we forgive those who trespass against us... by reconciliation with justice and peace.
Lead us not into temptation ... the temptation to equate dominion with exploitation,
And deliver us from evil ... the evil of destroying your gift of creation
For Yours is the Kingdom ... Yours Lord, not ours,
The Power and the Glory ... in the cross and the resurrection,
For ever and ever ... You were the beginning and you are the end.

Taken from Eco-congregation Resources -

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2007 Lent week 1


And God said, “ Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place and let dry ground appear.” And it was so. God called the dry ground “land” and the gathered waters he called “seas”. And God saw that it was good.
Genesis 1 v9 – 10

Psalm 65

John 7 v37 - 39




Respecting water and not wasting or polluting it