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Earlsdon Methodist Church
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The following words were presented with images and music at our Advent All Age Worship Service on 7 December 2008.

God Will Save His People

The church at the cross roads.
The cross roads of Earlsdon. The cross roads of the world.

The world.
People struggle each day to find meaning in their lives, to earn a living in any which way they can.
Labouring under masters, thugs and gangsters who only deal in violence. But it's all they can do.
Often what they are doing is wrong - harmful to others - to the world. But it's all they can do.
So the world intervenes - with more violence - and with terrible consequences. But it's all they can do.

Violence is everywhere.
On the streets, in the home, in the world.
Leaders take a stand and speak out.
Some are cut down. Others are shut away.
But the problems remain and those who are free are left to ponder their next actions.
It's all they can do.
They watch as refugees desperately seek new lives, new homes.
It's all they can do.
The starving are dying in their desperate search for food.
It's all they can do.
The world reaches out and feeds the few.
It's all they can do.

But here, at the heart of our community.
At the cross roads of Earlsdon
At the cross roads of the world
What can we do?

We can turn to that which is our focus.
We can turn to the cross.
The blood stained cross on which Jesus died.
The blood stained cross transformed by the love of the Father and the power of the Spirit into a symbol of hope, salvation and new life.
There we can see what God can do.

There we can go and ask him to act for us.

That's where we can ask God to save all people - here, there and everywhere.

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